Aussie vs Japanese Food

Aussie vs Japanese Food

Food is important to every creature; however, there is great cultural variation with humans.  A lot of interesting differences about food are seen among countries and the differences are not only in food items but also in food styles that have been influenced by climate, history, geographic feature, culture, and eating habits.  This essay will focus on the differences of food styles – Aussie vs Japanese Food.

Japanese Food

Japanese traditional meal consists of steamed rice, some side dishes, and soup.  The style is basic, which is called “One soup and Three dishes”.  Each of the dishes is a rather small portion but varied contents and cooked in different ways, e.g. grilled fish, boiled vegetable or pickled sea weed.  It is important for Japanese cuisine to use seasonal foodstuff and to look nice.Japanese dish

Furthermore,  Japan is a narrow country surrounded by sea.  As a result of this, the main food supply used to be Fishing and Agriculture; therefore, even now Japanese people are fond of seafood and vegetables, historically and geographically.IMG_1987

As for seasonings, Soy Sauce and Dashi are significant for Japanese food.  Dashi is broth/soup stock which is made from dry seaweeds and/or dry fish.  Dashi contains Umami that gives a flavor and a nice touch to cooking as a taste enhancer; therefore, using Dashi can reduce oil or fat in cooking comparing to other countries’ food and, consequently,  Japanese food is considered healthy and very popular in the world these days.

Australian Food

Meanwhile, Australia is a big country that includes huge deserts and outback and has the pioneer history.  Those specific geographic and historical features are the reasons why livestock like cattle and sheep have become Australia’s major food, such as roasted beef, lamb, pork or chicken although it was originally influenced by England.  Nowadays, the style of meal has become more sophisticated and multi cultural and is normally served on one big plate with a few vegetables, or only potatoes.  Nevertheless, Australian people seem not to have serious physical problems from their eating habits.  Generally speaking, most of them can have a long life with good health.  According to the Statistics of the Average Life Expectancy for 2015 by WHO, the Japanese average life span is the first place of the world at 84 years old, and the Australian is the third at 83 years old.  The statistics show that there is not a big gap of health caused by the differences of food styles.Ozzy meal



There are a lot of differences about food and its style between Australia and Japan due to specific features.  People who live in Australia are fortunate to experience both of them, moreover, they can choose multi cultural cuisine.  The most important thing is to enjoy the differences and have a happy life with a healthy diet.

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Gary has been directly involved in tourism in Far North Queensland since the 1990’s. His passion for the area was inspired by the rich history and many points of interest concentrated in the region and felt a strong desire to share this with others. Gary is heavily involved with tourism development and even co-hosted an episode of the popular travel show 'The Great Outdoors’ with Tom Williams showing the limestone caves of Chillagoe located 200kms west of Cairns. After being away for 5 years, Gary has now returned to the area that he holds so dear to his heart to share his knowledge and experience with those who wish to have a Fair Dinkum Ozzy experience.

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