Cairns Botanical Gardens

Cairns Botanical Gardens

Cairns Botanical Gardens

Most visitors come to Cairns to visit not only the Reef but also the Rainforest, especially North of Cairns where its notoriety has continued after it became World Heritage listed after protestors barricaded the proposed route for a new road up the coast, now know as the Bloomfield Track. Other than that, the rainforest is no different than in Cairns, so one has to ask themselves ‘How much Rainforest is enough?’

I personally believe that a full day in a tour bus to view the Daintree Rainforest isn’t justified when there are equivalent areas here in Cairns. Not all are easily accessible to visitors unless you have their own transportation, but there is one place where this does not apply. It’s the Cairns Botanical Gardens – and it’s free. I have experienced many botanic gardens throughout Australia and they are all a credit to their respective communities, but Cairns definitely has an advantage due to the tropical weather element. This area was designated as the Cairns Botanical Gardens over 130 years and are just 5km from Cairns Central. The Gardens are accessible by public transport.Cairns Botanical Gardensand includes two cafes. Although many areas are wheelchair friendly, the gardens cater to all levels of fitness from a slow stroll to serious walking tracks with spectacular views. These gardens offer a genuine rainforest experience without the travel and expense of a guided tour. Do yourself a favor and check it out – you won’t be disappointed.

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About Gary Bondeson

Gary has been directly involved in tourism in Far North Queensland since the 1990’s. His passion for the area was inspired by the rich history and many points of interest concentrated in the region and felt a strong desire to share this with others. Gary is heavily involved with tourism development and even co-hosted an episode of the popular travel show 'The Great Outdoors’ with Tom Williams showing the limestone caves of Chillagoe located 200kms west of Cairns. After being away for 5 years, Gary has now returned to the area that he holds so dear to his heart to share his knowledge and experience with those who wish to have a Fair Dinkum Ozzy experience.

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