Outback Honeymoon Package

Romantic Getaway

What could be more romantic than the earthy colures and beautiful sunsets of the Australian bush on an Outback Honeymoon Package

1 Day Outback Honeymoon Package

$520 Package priceCairns Honeymoon

Every tour package is tailored to suit couples interests and can be altered accordingly and based on my One Day Outback Tour.

2 Day Outback Honeymoon Package

Outback Honeymoon

$1240 Package price 

The Far North Queensland remote Outback village of Chillagoe is just such a place. With a population of around 150, this town has captured the hearts of so many who have visited due to the non-commercialization and variety of interesting sights. Sunset drinks at an abandoned smelter or an evening stroll amongst wild wallabies feeding during the cooler hours are just a few of the highlights.

Yes, Chillagoe is a focal point of the Two Day Honeymoon Package with so much content. You won’t believe the experience you are having. Quality accommodation is difficult to find in the Outback but Perentie Tours secures lodgings at a lovely converted Post Office. Built in the very early 1900’s close to an equally historic hotel where you can mix with a few locals while having your evening meal.

3 Day Outback Honeymoon Package

Chillagoe Guesthouse

For those who may wish for more, a Three Day Honeymoon Package is also available.

Cairns Botanical Gardens

Cairns Botanical Gardens

Cairns Botanical Gardens

Most visitors come to Cairns to visit not only the Reef but also the Rainforest, especially North of Cairns where its notoriety has continued after it became World Heritage listed after protestors barricaded the proposed route for a new road up the coast, now know as the Bloomfield Track. Other than that, the rainforest is no different than in Cairns, so one has to ask themselves ‘How much Rainforest is enough?’

I personally believe that a full day in a tour bus to view the Daintree Rainforest isn’t justified when there are equivalent areas here in Cairns. Not all are easily accessible to visitors unless you have their own transportation, but there is one place where this does not apply. It’s the Cairns Botanical Gardens – and it’s free. I have experienced many botanic gardens throughout Australia and they are all a credit to their respective communities, but Cairns definitely has an advantage due to the tropical weather element. This area was designated as the Cairns Botanical Gardens over 130 years and are just 5km from Cairns Central. The Gardens are accessible by public transport.Cairns Botanical Gardensand includes two cafes. Although many areas are wheelchair friendly, the gardens cater to all levels of fitness from a slow stroll to serious walking tracks with spectacular views. These gardens offer a genuine rainforest experience without the travel and expense of a guided tour. Do yourself a favor and check it out – you won’t be disappointed.

More information can be found here

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Cairns Honeymoon Package

Cairns Honeymoon Package

Perentie Tours can create one, two and three day Cairns Honeymoon Packages of the beautiful and picturesque Atherton Tablelands and Outback regions west of Cairns. We can work together to create a package with all the elements you choose plus suggested sights that are relatively unknown, or take an already proven itinerary such as the 2 Day Outback Tour.

This tour is  popular Cairns Honeymoon Package with Honeymooners and Couples as there is nothing more romantic than the Far North Queensland Outback – the earthy colours and isolation where guests have plenty of your own space. This tour has been put together to satisfy and your driver/guide is very sensitive to your needs.
During these Packages, we follow the sun from Cairns Cairns Honeymoon Packagefinally watching it disappear beyond the western horizon while enjoying a glass of wine from a lovely Chillagoe lookout. If you choose to wait a little longer, satellites soon begin to appear (weather permitting).
Accommodation is at the charming Chillagoe Guesthouse

Cairns Honeymoon Package


where Kangaroos can be spotted less than 100 meters away, even strolling amongst them if you desire a short and safe night walk. You can mix with some of the friendly locals while having your evening meal at the historic Post Office Hotel.

Cairns Honeymoon Package

Trezkinn Cave

We view lovely limestone caves, dramatic rock formations and visit Outback Characters. We travel through lonely Outback tracks with random native wildlife and iconic rainforest features. In stark contrast, on the second day, we travel through the iconic Atherton Tablelands with stunning panoramic views and pockets of dense rainforest. All the while you are able to make informed decisions regarding what you prefer to see and do with your driver/guide offering advice whenever asked. We arrive back at your accommodation on the afternoon of the second day with memories that will last forever. 

Package Price for 2 persons – $1240
Find details of the full itinerary here and read comments on Trip Advisor from previous couples who did packages here.

Cairns Day Tours by Perentie Tours


Chillagoe Caves

Chillagoe Caves

chillagoe cavesWithout any doubt the Chillagoe Caves are one of Far North Queensland’s greatest assets yet relatively unknown. The amazing geological events that effected the Chillagoe region created over 500 documented limestone caves and limestone cave systems with many more to be discovered. The Chillagoe Caves are unique in their formation but still have all the decorations that you expect to see in suchchillagoe caves subterranean creations. Growth of decorations can be very show compared to other limestone caves which demonstrates the time periods involved. Here stalactites can grow as slow as 1cm every 50 years with some that I have seen being in excess of 6 meters.
As a one day tour is possible, its impractical due to the distance, Perentie Tours offers a Two-Day Experience that includes Chillagoe (pop 300) and is arguably one of the best Outback tours available out of Cairns. Everywhere there are ruins that show the early occupation and resulting heartbreak and it’s not only minerals. Sheep, tobacco and rice also played its part in the hardships of those who settled out that way.
The tour also has rainforest content showing the diversity of the region and why those early explorers had such difficulties. There is no doubt if it weren’t for minerals, this region would not have developed the way it did.
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Cairns Day Tour

Cairns Day Tour

Cairns Day Tour
The main draw card for Cairns is its International Airport giving easy accessibility to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef followed closely by the Ancient Rain Forrest (mostly in the form of a Cairns Day Tour) but there are so many tour options, it must be difficult to decide what to do in Cairns. Many don’t realise that Tour Desks aren’t government sponsored but receive substantial commissions from the tour operators they represent which directly influence their recommendations. Some crafty visitors seek direct communication with the tour operators knowing they will probably get a better deal. You may ask: “What is the best way to do this and how can the reputable operators be distinguished?” I wish all questions were so easy to answer – Its Trip Advisor where individuals comment about their travel experiences. Trip Advisor is so easy to use with enough sub categories to allow for an informed choice as well as offering advice that could further assist your search.
Far North Queensland is one of the most beautiful places in Australia with more diversity than many realise such as Chillagoe and the Atherton Tablelands . Outback tours usually include some rain forest and rich agricultural land which means more content in less time. People in the remote regions west of Cairns are friendly but not so tourist orientated resulting in a genuine taste of the true Ozzy in places few tourists get to visit – it would be such a shame if visitors didn’t see the maximum on offer during their stay. If the rainforest is still a priority, check this out.

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Things to do in Cairns

Things to do in Cairns

Things to do in Cairns

Cairns Highlands

You may be visiting Cairns on a Honeymoon, Holiday or because of recommendations. Cairns, a true Gem in Australia’s crown and Things to do in Cairns can be quickly broken down into three  Cairns Day Tour categories:
1 – Great Barrier Reef       
2 – Ancient Rain Forrest
3 –  Remote Outback
There are so many Cairns Day Tour options available, it’s difficult to decide what tour packages would best suit you. Many don’t realise that Tour Desks are not government sponsored but receive substantial commissions from the tour operators they represent which directly influence what they recommend and the price. Some wily visitors seek out the tour operators directly knowing they will probably get a better deal but what is the best way to do this and how can the trustworthy operators be identified? If only all questions were so easy to answer – It’s Trip Advisor where individuals write reviews about their travel experiences. Trip Advisor is so easy to use with enough sub-categories to allow for an informed choice as well as offering advice that could further assist your search and ensure you have less chance to miss out on what Far North Queensland has to offer such as Chillagoe or the Atherton Tablelands. Outback tours usually include some rain forest and rich agricultural land which means more content in less time. People in the remote regions west of Cairns are friendly but not so tourist orientated resulting in a genuine taste of the true Ozzy in places few tourists get to visit and if rain forest is still a priority take a look at this.

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Crystalbrook Lodge

Perentie Tours has recently had an opportunity to do transfers and tours for the magnificent CrystalbrookCrystalbrook Lodge Lodge and what a privilege it has been to see this wonderful facility that I had heard so much about. The concept is to give guests an Outback experience and although this isn’t a particularly new concept, I have never seen it done so well. The lodge is located on the 350 sq. km Crystalbrook Cattle Station and provides enough options to satisfy the expectations of even the most fastidious guest. There are no compromises with the options. Bushwalks are great, tours are offered to nearby Chillagoe, a huge dam is continually stocked with Barramundi and fishing is encouraged with an in-house fishing guide. The region was a historic tin and copper mining area first explored by Atherton and Mulligan and for those who have an interest, specialised tours are just another of the many options available. If that’s not enough, there are opportunities to see first hand how a working cattle station operates with helicopter rides where possible to spot wild pigs and freshwater crocodiles. Crikey! This place has everything.

Now the lodge itself is a masterpiece perched on a 1.2 # km barramundi stocked lake and caters for up to 10 guests with fine food and friendly, efficient service. Enjoying views over the lake while sipping a glass of wine on the deck shouldn’t be missed with plenty of photographic opportunities and staff dedicated to ensuring they have a good knowledge of both flora and fauna.

Crystalbrook LodgeMost choose to fly into the adjacent airstrip or helicopter onto the lodges lawn but its also possible to self-drive or be driven to the Lodge along the Wheelbarrow Way which includes commentary. Experiencing the ghost towns along the way only adds to the WOW factor of the lodge and a tour to Chillagoe offers options of lunch at a historic pub, cave tours and a visit to a legendary Outback character. Even adventure caving is offered by arrangement.

More information can be found at http://www.crystalbrookcollection.com.au/crystalbrook-lodge/

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Peterson Creek – Yungaburra

Peterson Creek

Cairns Day ToursThe Peterson Creek Walking Track is located in Yungaburra and is a fine example of regeneration of the native forest in progress. The locals of Yungaburra have been bringing this lovely mountain stream back to its original state by removing ferrel weeds and replanting many thousands of natives for over 15 years, providing a wildlife corridor between areas of open space.

Its takes about 35 minutes to walk the 2.3km track that not only has some historical memorabilia but offers a real chance to see a tree kangaroo, platypus or Ulysses butterfly. You can gather from that comment that often it can take much longer. Perentie Tours now offer an option to do all or part of the track. Many of the trees have name plates and there is interpretative signage along the way

Cairns Day Tours

Cairns Day Tours

More information can be found at http://www.yungaburra.com/attractions/in-around-yungaburra/

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Old Telegraph Track

Old Telegraph TrackCairns Day Tours

During one period of my guiding career, I was based at the tip of Cape York taking people the a sign stating they are at the most northern point in Australia. This is also where Captain Cook claimed the east coast of Australia in the name of Britain and Captain Bligh sailed through on his way to safety after the mutiny on the Bounty. It’s also the end of the Old Telegraph Track and I allowed temptation to take its course and rode a portion of this famous 4WD track on my motorbike to see what everybody was talking about.


Edmund Kennedy was the first white man to visit this area in 1848 and was killed by aborigines within sight of the tip. Finally in the 1860’s the Jardine family arrived to create a settlement and safe house for shipwreck survivors and the sons undertook a historic cattle drive from Rockhampton to supply meat to the area. The Jardine’s also assisted in the construction of an Overland Telegraph Line from down Cardwell way in 1885. The line consisted of telegraph stations that were heavily fortified and specially built to fend off aboriginal attacked with rainwater tanks inside and holes in the wall to shoot from. One of my clients told me that it was common for those in trouble to cut the telegraph wire and wait for somebody to came and repair the fault. The line serviced the area with morse code until WW2 when it was upgraded to telephone due to a fear of invasion of the Far North Queensland coastline. The line was decommissioned in 1987 leaving just the poles and service track. Many of the poles were made of galvanised iron to combat the termites, are still standing and can be seen at Undara and along the road to Cape York.

Old Telegraph Track today

The ideal path for a telegraph line is straight, but that’s not always ideal for a road so now the main road to the Cape deviates in places to follow the most user friendly path but the service road for the line still exists as an unserviced track and considered one of the classic 4WD tracks in Australia. There is a proposed upgrade to the cape road, but the old telegraph track will remain due to its iconic status. There are two main sections to the track and is only accessible during mid-year due to the wet season and even then water crossings are difficult usually requiring special vehicle preparation. Even the main road becomes  inaccessible during the wet season. Certainly when I rode it, it was obvious that the adventure should not be attempted solo and done as late into the year as possible before the wet season. If your vehicle becomes undrivable, recovery may not be a viable option.

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