Copperlode Dam, Lake Morris


Lake Morris

Lake Morris


This beautiful location is visited by Perentie Tours during Private Charters. A well-facilitated picnic area and lookout awaits at the end of the 22kms narrow access road that winds its way through dense rainforest with spectacular views of Cairns and regular sighting of native wildlife. Because the water stored in the dam is for human consumption, there are just limited water activities water activities; however, this does not discourage those who know about this lesser known hidden treasure from making the trip to this picturesque location. Copperlode Dam (also known as Lake Morris or Copperlode Falls Dam) is the name given to the infrastructure that dams Lake Morris located in the ranges immediately west of Cairns. Cairns originally sourced it water from Freshwater Creek, but it was evident that a larger source would be required as Cairns grew.


In 1935, one of the city engineers, Mr F Morris, explored the ranges directly behind Cairns for a location to build a dam. His recommendations were at the site of the Copperlode Falls near the headwaters of Freshwater Creek. 46 years later and at a total cost of $6.5 million, Copperlode Dam was completed creating Lake Morris.

Cairns water supply

Water is released from Lake Morris into Freshwater Creek and is collected again at an intake facility just upstream from Crystal Cascades. It is then gravity fed to the Freshwater Creek Water Treatment Plant where it is purified and distributed to the residents of Cairns. The lake is located 430 meters above sea level and in a World Heritage Listed Wet Tropics Rainforest area.

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