Mareeba Rock Wallaby

The Mareeba Rock Wallaby


Chinese girls on tourOne of the highlights of Perentie Tours  is Granite Gorge where visitors have a fantastic opportunity to get close to the Mareeba Rock Wallaby in their natural habitat. Many think that all things that hop are either Kangaroos or Wallabies but this not true and the Mareeba Rock Wallaby is just one example of more than fifty species in Australia in the Family Macropodidae (i.e. big feet).


Mareeba Rock Wallaby – Petrogale mareebaGranite Gorge (6)

The Rock-wallabies (Petrogale spp.) are the most diverse genus among the living macropods with 16 species ranging from 1 to 12 kg in weight and are endemic to Australia and a few off shore islands. They favor rocky outcrops, cliffs and boulder piles, especially in the wet-dry tropics but do extend into central Australia. Their ability to easily move among seemingly impossible rock faces (often carrying a young Joey in their pouch) defies belief.  Their pads are spongy and thick so that they compress on the hard surfaces to maximise grip. As with all macropods, their tail acts as a counterbalance and rudder in rapid hopping across uneven surfaces allowing for changes of direction in mid-air.

Mareeba Rock Wallaby Distribution

The Mareeba Rock Wallaby is found in other locations other than Granite Gorge where they are best known because of their friendly response to humans. Males average 4.5 kg and have a definite pecking order with the older male often acting solitary and carry scaring from battles when they were in their prime. Females average 3.8 kg and seem respectful of age.

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Mareeba Rock Wallaby

If you wish to get close to a Mareeba Rock Wallaby at Granite Gorge, squat or sit, make no sudden movements and don’t try and touch them. They will come to you.

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