Outback 2 Day Tour

Cairns 2 Day Tour 

For those who wish to fully immerse themselves in the Outback, we offer the Outback 2 Day Tour with prices: AUD $1,020 per person or AUD $1,300 for a couple. It only gets cheaper the more you get, I have quoted top accommodation.  I only gets cleaper from here. This tour isn’t conducted by any other company and it a rare insight into the Outback way of life. Tour is dependant on accommodation availability in Chillagoe. As with all Perentie tours, this Cairns Sightseeing Tour can be tailored to suit the client’s wants and special needs. There is lots of content and you will return feeling you have experienced the real Australia. Best suited for couples but can accommodate up to 6 persons.

Pick up and drop off can be at different locations.


Sample itinerary

This amazing 2 Day Outback Tour begins with a pick up from your preferred location at 8am (does not include Port Douglas). The first day is similar to the one day tour up until our visit to the Outback mining town of Irvinebank.  We drive through the southern suburbs of Cairns where we turn west and up the picturesque Gillies Highway, climbing to an elevation of 800m (2600ft) in just 19kms (12 miles) via 263 corners with opportunities to stop and admire spectacular views of the Goldsborough Valley. Then, like turning the page of a book, we enter the Atherton Tablelands.  Lush pastoral properties among pockets of rain forest, volcanic features and the rain forest that make the Tablelands so iconic. We visit the quaint little village of Yungaburra where we have some morning tea, then West, entering the remote areas that came about from mineral mining in the late 1800’s. Towns like Irvinebank with its population of less than 100, simply refuses to die due to the residents’ desire to live the simple Outback lifestyle. Here we have our lunch and visit an old mining mate of mine who likes to demonstrate the machinery he has collected during his lifetime. I will need to know any dietary issues. From here we continue up to the main road and further west to another old mining town – Chillagoe. This town owes its existence to a vast substratum cave system. These caves can be visited but the cost of the cave entry ticket is not included in the tour price.

We overnight in Chillagoe were you will have your evening meal at the historic hotel across the road and during our time there, visit the many sights in the region before heading back to Cairns the following day.

Before the completion of our Outback 2 Day Tour, we visit the Granite Gorge Wildlife Park. Here you will have the opportunity to hand feed the Mareeba Rock Wallaby in their natural environment arriving back in Cairns that afternoon.

“You won’t know what you are missing if you don’t visit the Tablelands and Outback to the West where the region is so totally different from what most expect.”