Outback Honeymoon Package

Romantic Getaway

What could be more romantic than the earthy colures and beautiful sunsets of the Australian bush on an Outback Honeymoon Package

1 Day Outback Honeymoon Package

$520 Package priceCairns Honeymoon

Every tour package is tailored to suit couples interests and can be altered accordingly and based on my One Day Outback Tour.

2 Day Outback Honeymoon Package

Outback Honeymoon

$1240 Package price 

The Far North Queensland remote Outback village of Chillagoe is just such a place. With a population of around 150, this town has captured the hearts of so many who have visited due to the non-commercialization and variety of interesting sights. Sunset drinks at an abandoned smelter or an evening stroll amongst wild wallabies feeding during the cooler hours are just a few of the highlights.

Yes, Chillagoe is a focal point of the Two Day Honeymoon Package with so much content. You won’t believe the experience you are having. Quality accommodation is difficult to find in the Outback but Perentie Tours secures lodgings at a lovely converted Post Office. Built in the very early 1900’s close to an equally historic hotel where you can mix with a few locals while having your evening meal.

3 Day Outback Honeymoon Package

Chillagoe Guesthouse

For those who may wish for more, a Three Day Honeymoon Package is also available.

About Gary Bondeson

Gary has been directly involved in tourism in Far North Queensland since the 1990’s. His passion for the area was inspired by the rich history and many points of interest concentrated in the region and felt a strong desire to share this with others. Gary is heavily involved with tourism development and even co-hosted an episode of the popular travel show 'The Great Outdoors’ with Tom Williams showing the limestone caves of Chillagoe located 200kms west of Cairns. After being away for 5 years, Gary has now returned to the area that he holds so dear to his heart to share his knowledge and experience with those who wish to have a Fair Dinkum Ozzy experience.

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