Lake Eacham Hotel at Yungarburra


The quaint little Tablelands town of Yungaburra with a population of over 900 people is the first town visited and our morning tea stop on my One Day Outback Tour. In the late 1880’s the town was along the inland track that led to the goldfields in the north as direct access was too difficult from the coast. The town was surveyed in 1886, By 1891 settlers moved in and in 1910 the railway arrived that was constructed to service the Chillagoe smelters and tin mines at Herberton. Today Yungaburra is a well-serviced village with the economy revolving around tourism.

Yungaburra has a fine collection of heritage listed buildings with newer buildings constructed in an appropriate style to retain the heritage theme of the town. Other features of the town are the platypus viewing area and lovely walking track beside Peterson Creek. The well known Curtain Fig is only 3 Kms from the village. Many popular events are held throughout the year including one of the largest markets in Far North Queensland and a Folk Festival featuring concerts from folk musicians. There have been occasions when I have coincidentally done a tour when the markets are happening and it becomes quite a bonus for my guests.


Yungaburra geology


The landscape around Yungaburra has been shaped by volcanic activity with the most recent eruptions being approximately 10,000 years ago resulting in features such as the volcanic cones of the Seven Sisters and Mount Quincan, Lake Eacham and Lake Barrine and the Mount Hypipamee Crater. Remarkably these volcanic events are still referred to in Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and probably how the legend of the fearful Quinkan Man came about.

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About Gary Bondeson

Gary has been directly involved in tourism in Far North Queensland since the 1990’s. His passion for the area was inspired by the rich history and many points of interest concentrated in the region and felt a strong desire to share this with others. Gary is heavily involved with tourism development and even co-hosted an episode of the popular travel show 'The Great Outdoors’ with Tom Williams showing the limestone caves of Chillagoe located 200kms west of Cairns. After being away for 5 years, Gary has now returned to the area that he holds so dear to his heart to share his knowledge and experience with those who wish to have a Fair Dinkum Ozzy experience.

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